4th Exhibition of equipment, feed and veterinary products for animal and poultry farming
10 - 11 December 2019 • EXPOFORUM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

'Effective and poultry farming. Successful experience'

3td Practical conference ‘Effective animal and poultry farming. Successful experience’ will be held within the exhibition

Business programme of the exhibition 2019 at the stage of formation.

Topics of the conference in 2019:

Optimization of the process of keeping livestock of farm animals and poultry
Milk processing. How to achieve a quality product
Feed production
Additional opportunities to increase farm incomes: mushroom growing and beekeeping
Veterinary medicine: methods of prevention and treatment of farm animals and birds
Recycling. How to turn trash into money

If you have any suggestions and proposals on a business program and/or cooperation, or participate in the business program as a speaker, as well as sponsorship of the conference, please contact:

Irina Chumak
Project director
Send a message
(812) 380 60 04